The Egg short movie

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Seoul International Film Festival - 2019

The Egg by Andrej Dojkic – awarded short movie made by actor and director

Koreans have interesting stories to tell, and an interesting way of storytelling. The short movie ”The Egg” by Andrej Dojkic has been a part of  Seoul International Film Festival in 2019 and we are very proud of that, knowing that we have been chosen between dozens of short movies productions who submitted their work.          …

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Short movie ”The Egg” directed by Andrej Dojkic won the award on 9th AIDFF 2020

The whole Egg team is very proud being a part of beautiful AIDFF festival last year. Our awarded movie The Egg was among two hundred films from forty-five countries participating at the 9th AIDFF, with more than one hundred premieres. Short movie ”The Egg” based on the short story by Andy Weir directed by Andrej Dojkic won the award on 9th AIDFF…

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”The Egg” short movie soundtrack by Dusan Maksimovski

Dario Domitrovic and Dusan Maksimovski after receiving award for ”House of others” at Pula Film Festival photo by (, 24 Jul 2017 – 18:41, Tbilisi, Georgia) Song in ”The Egg“ short movie (based on the short story by Andy Weir) ”Das Ei” composed and performed by Dusan Maksimovski and singer Maja Posavec; The Egg short movie soundtrack: ”The Egg”…

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The Egg by Andrej Dojkic on set

Intro: The Egg movie by Andrej Dojkic

I came across the story on the internet randomly while I was researching subject ”Life after death”. The topic became my obsession when in my life one of my beloved family members became sick. That period of time was very though for me but I had a fortune to find the way to express my personal story and feelings through Mr.Andy Weir short story ”The Egg”. At that time, with those feeling that was my only mission. Reading and working on the story has brought me to Mr.Weir who provided me copyrights to bring it as a short movie and show it to the festivals around the world.

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